Dev Update - May 2021

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Dev Update - May 2021

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I have been very busy developing Phoenix USC and now have things to a point where I will be shortly testing a very early client. I will package up a simple (boring really, just shooting each other) test client just to see if the basic networking works with no real lag correction. If your connection in in the 100-150ms (round trip) ping range it should be playable. Also the bandwidth usage will be about three times as high (maybe more) as SS is now with bandwidth usage; this will be corrected over time. This will just be a sanity check to see if this works at a basic level.

I will package up a both a Linux, Windows and Mac desktop client. The client download size will be hefty at 70+mb (smaller later). Look for this all in about a week. I need to clean things up and reconnect a few features.

I have included a video of three clients using the current networking model (server-bro ship not updated) connected to a server running on a VPS. I hope all goes well, fingers crossed.